Curated Trios

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Choose the perfect trio to meet your goals.



Immediate Relief Staples

* Fire Tonic - Tea for Immune Support (Soothes Cold Symptoms)

*Temple Gold - Tea for Digest Health (Soothes Upset Stomaches)

* Yellow Hybrid - Tea for Muscle Recovery & Cognitive Aide (Soothes headaches, and body aches)


Athlete's Routine

* Ghost Mint - Tea for Energy (Natural Pre-Workout)

*Sour Pacific - Tea for Liver Detox (Enhances wellness benefits of sweating)

* Yellow Hybrid - Tea for Muscle Recover & Cognitive Aide (Reset after a workout)


Always Chill

* Cranberry Bliss - 2023 Winter Limited Edition (Seasonal Mood Booster)

*Tahitian Honey - Tea for Daily Calm (Relieves Anxiety)

* Grandaddy Dreams - Tea for Relaxation and rest (Promotes Sleep)


New Year New You

* Royal Dragon - Tea for Lunch Cleanse (Start the year with a fresh breath)

*Harlequin Glow - Tea for Hair, Skin & Nails (Start the year looking your best)

* Thai Tiger - Tea for Appetite Suppressant (Start the year feeling your strongest)


New Mom's Survival Kit

* Chocolate Venus - Tea for Women's menstrual health (relieves mental cramping)

*Harlequin Glow - Tea for Hair, Skin & Nails (promotes scar tissue healing & glowing skin)

* Temple Gold - Tea for Digestive Health (soothes stomaches and supports lactation)