Herbs Heal Humans

Join the renaissance of holistic wellness.

For thousands of years our ancestors consumed tea for it's benefits. . . We have taken this tradition and modernized it.

We source the highest quality heritage herbs, tea leaves, and dried flowers from around the world and hand blend them in small batchs using our proprietary recipes, so that you can have delicious teas that support your general wellness.

Make tea a daily habit - feel and look your best, always!

Our Story

The RX Tea Shop was founded by Michelle and James in the Spring of 2021.

Michelle was raised in a traditional Afro-Caribbean family, where herbs were used as remedies for everyday ailments, after marrying James she tried to introduce him to the habit of drinking tea for wellness, but he found the herbal teas currently on the market to be unappetizing. After years of creating their own blends (to meet Michelle's need for tea to be functional, and James' need for tea to be delicious) The RX Tea Shop was born.

  • Herbal Remedy

    We use ingredients that are reputed and/or documented to have wellness benefits.

  • Delicious Beverage

    We take the time to perfect our blends to ensure they are delicious and easy to drink.

  • Good For You

    We use the hightest quaility heritage herbs, loaded with antioxidants and other nutrients.

  • Boil Water

    We recommend brewing our teas hot, so that you get the most benefit out of the herbs.

  • Measure

    On each package you will find the recommended serving size, so you get the maximum servings.

  • Steep

    Steep for no less than 3 minutes, and no more than 7 minutes (when brewing in hot water). The less time you steep the milder the flavor, the longer you steep the bolder the flavor.

  • Enjoy

    Our teas taste delicious hot, iced, sweet or unsweetend - enjoy how ever you prefer!

    And remember, our ingredients are so premium you can reuse each serving for a second cup of tea.